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       Benefits of Medical Massage

Respiratory System                                                    Lymphatic System                               
• Developing respiratory muscles                                 • Cleansing body of metabolic waste
• Draining Sluggish lymph  nodes                                 • Draining sluggish lymph nodes

Integumentary System (the skin)                              Skeletal System
• Stimulating blood to better nourish skin                      • Improving body alignment
• Improving tone and elasticity of skin                           • Reliving stiff joints
• Helping to normalize glandular function

Circulatory System                                                     Digestion System
• Helping develop a stronger heart.                              • Relaxing the abdominal and
• Improving oxygen supply to cells.                                intestinal muscles
• Improving the nutriual supply to                                 • Reliving tension
  cells.                                                                           • Stimulating activity of liver and kidneys
• Eliminations of metabolic wastes.
• Decrease blood pressure.
• Increase circulation of lymph nodes.

Muscular System                                                        Nervous System
• Relaxing  and stimulating muscles                             • Stimulating motor nerve point
• Strengthening muscles and connective tissue            • Reliving restlessness and insomnia
• Helping to keep muscles flexible and pliable              • Promoting a sense of well-being
• Relieving soreness, lesion, and softness                   • Relieving pain


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Shirley and his staff are amazing! They are always friendly and ready to help. His adjustments help me get back to my daily routine. Dr. Shirley is also awesome with newborns for any breastfeeding complications that may exceed normal latching issues."
    Deanna H. San Antonio, TX

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